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“The facts revealed in this book will deeply shock many people. Some are frankly hard even to believe, but all true” – Nick Griffin

Moths to a flame

Why have both Channel 4 and ITV both produced programmes about ‘far-right’ groups in Britain which have gone out of their way to protect Mark Collett?  This in-depth, illustrated study explains how Patriotic Alternative is being set up for proscription – and the shattering consequences this will have.

Narrated by Nick Griffin

Listen to “Moths to a Flame”

This hard-hitting recording has now been turned into a video, so that you can see all the documentary evidence referred to in the recording. Note that this recording contains a confusion between the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, which has been corrected in the pdf version, This minor error has no impact on the overall thesis of the document and is pointed out in the interests of strict accuracy.


What YOU need to know to WALK FREE!
The British Resistance guide for freedom in the Politically Correct police state

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Nick Griffin’s groundbreaking exposure of the Zionist origins and handlers of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League. First published January 2012.